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Still swimming! (from time to time)

  • I still do swim with Moxie from time to time
  • Nowadays he has almost equal muscle mass in his hind legs!
  • He still has some arthritis for sure…
  • Two days ago he swam for 25 min :)

4/20 Workout – Good job Mr. Mox!

Sometimes Moxie gets a little stiff…Today I think the pool helped some :)

Moxie still takes Rimadyl every so often too.


4/13 Workout

A few days later!

Masters Sunday Swim

  • Moxie was watching the Masters while he was swimmin’! ;)
  • He swam for more than 20 min today

Wednesday Swim for the Ole Moxster

Saturday Workout and Walk

  • I missed posting Moxie’s last swim!¬†
  • He did swim about 2-3 days ago for about 15 minutes :)
  • Today Moxie swam for about 20 minutes

Short Work Out

  • Moxie looked like he needed a dip in the pool today…
  • He swam for 17:30
  • We have to decide how long to keep the pool in the garage :)

Super Pooch! 20-25 min swim :)

15 minute swim

  • Moxie swam 15 min today
  • He seemed to be standing a little bit “funny” so I thought a swim was in order
  • No video – forgot my iPhone!
  • Overall he continues to do well

Little Man: Back in Action

  • Moxie swam 20 minutes today
  • He was looking a little bit stiff getting up, so I thought a swim was in order :)
  • Het ate a big supper and is sleeping already :)

Oh Yeah :)


21:00 Swim Today

  • Moxie had an extra day off yesterday
  • Weather was terrible yesterday – rainy and cold – couldn’t do it to him :)
  • He did well today in the pool and on his post-swim walk


23:00 minute swim today!



Power Poochie!

  • Moxie swam for 21 minutes today
  • He was pulling pretty hard when we got outside afterward!

20 Minute Swim Today :)